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Tsunami Bomb + Hans Gruber and the die Hards + The Bloodstrings


Tsunami Bomb

Northern California’s punk rock cult favorites, TSUNAMI BOMB once again embraces their signature style of aggressive pop-punk supplemented by a touch of darkness on their latest album "THE SPINE THAT BINDS"! The album showcases their mastery of melody while being more in-your-face and more aggressive than ever, taking the listener on a dark journey of personal discovery with each track. 

This new release finds the quintet brought to life with the return of founders Dominic Davi (bass/backing vocals), Oobliette Sparks (keyboards/co-lead vocals), and Gabriel Lindeman (drums). Joined by Kate Jacobi (lead vocals) and Andrew Pohl (guitars/backing vocals), they combine their skills to create a sound that effortlessly mixes dark musings on the search to find ones place in an increasingly uncaring world, into unforgettable anthems, calling on you to get up and sing-a-long.

With "THE SPINE THAT BINDS", TSUNAMI BOMB is not asking for your acceptance, it demands it. This album will scratch the itch of all the die-hard fans looking for that familiar TSUNAMI BOMB sound, but also show a new, angrier and brutally honest side of the band. With the support of Jello Biafra’s legendary punk rock label, Alternative Tentacles Records, TSUNAMI BOMB has not only heard your call, they are ready for the newest chapter to unfold and they are taking us all with them.

Hans Gruber and the die Hards

Menacingly fun, Hans Gruber and the Die Hards brand of punk/ska mashes genres together like
a toddler eating chocolate cake – with messy intensity for maximum enjoyment. From Boston
hardcore to Colombian cumbia, southern gospel to crossover thrash, their live shows are filled
with pits, sock puppets, conga lines and confusion – if you are nihilistic enough to jump in feet
Formed in Austin, TX as a four piece in 2014, the band shamelessly embraces change. Over
the years they defiantly added a full time Saxophone player, as well as parted ways with two of
their founding members. Their newest album, “With A Vengeance,” was released on Ska
Punk International Records in May 2022. It represents the best of times with the former
lineup, the struggles of a new era after their departure, and finding a new voice through the
very same songs.
Much like their ability to combine musical genres, their lyrics tread a fine line between metaphor,
truth, sarcasm and lies, assuming their audiences have the know-how to join them on this
magical journey.
Possessed by unbridled joy for music, Hans Gruber and the Die Hards continue to push forward
looking for the next venue to haunt as they chant: IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER!

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